Konkordia conference

Konkordia IV in numbers

Konkordia IV conference was held on the 25-26 September 2013 in Sopot. As one of the largest annual meetings dedicated to the cross-sectoral cooperation, Konkordia gathered the NGO’s representatives, businesses executives, scientists and the representatives of local governments. The primary focus of the 2013 conference was the pillars of cooperation between NGOs and business: a partnership, synergy, communication, results.

Every year, the Konkordia conference involves numerous talented speakers and specialists in the subject of the non-governmental sector. In 2013 the conference was attended by Jerzy Buzek (Professor, the President of the European Parliament in the years 2009-2012), Danuta Hübner (Professor, Chairwoman of the Committee on Regional Development), Robert M. Penna (Charity Navigator Consultant, lead author of „Outcome Frameworks” and author of „The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox”), John Hailey (Professor, Non-Profit Management at City University’s Cass Business School in London), Jadwiga Czartoryska (Orange Foundation), and many other great speakers.

The conference was attended by nearly 200 people representing various non-governmental organisations.
More than 20 experts took part in the debates, lectures and workshops during the conference.

Organized in Poland, but open for new destinations !

As this was the fourth edition of the conference, organized by the Duende Foundation, its purpose was to professionalize NGOs and improve the quality of cross-sectoral cooperation. The conference program included debates, lectures and workshops conducted by experts from all over the world, which addressed the issues related to the synergy of inter-sectoral cooperation, partnership, results of that cooperation and communication in organizations. In particular it focused on new realities, the NGO’S need to struggle with and the new perspectives they need to face.

Konkordia is a well founded conference with a strong background and experience. In 2013 it gathered nearly 200 representatives of numerous non-governmental organizations and business. The popularity of the Konkordia conference shows the growing strength of the third sector in Poland and the need for its further development. Both, the non-governmental and business representatives share the assumption that the cross-sectoral cooperation is no longer just an option, but it is necessary to reach mutual goals.

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